Semantography Series: 201 to 300

Series Number Title Pages Comments
201 Catalogue of the Semantography Series The Story of the Struggle for Semantography Issues No. 201 - 300 5
202 The Arch Enemies of Human Understanding 2 This has the same series number as the following entry. It is pages 40 and 41 of "In Search of a Logical God."
202 In Search of a Logical God pages 0 - 75 146 Same series number as previous entry.
202 In Search of a Logical God pages 76 - 146 146
203 Everyone's Simple Logic and Semantics pages 1 - 100 249 Contains excerpts from other publications and was assembled and written over a period of three years after the death of his wife, Claire.
203 Everyone's Simple Logic and Semantics pages 101 - 200 249
203 Everyone's Simple Logic and Semantics pages 201 - 249 249
204 Guide to my Biographical Issues 5 Includes a list of the biographical issues. This is the best starting point for those interested in the history of the man and of his work. As with series 202 and 203, these intensly personal documents were written after the death of Claire.
205 My First 23 Years 30
206 My Life in China and Afterwards 12 English translation of series 207, which was written in German for Charles' friends in Europe.
207 Semantography, mein Leben in China und nachher. Not in this collection.
208 Das Buchenwaldlied 1 The Buchenwald Song, in German.
209 Diploma for Mrs. Claire Bliss 1 Presented to Claire on her birthday in 1957.
210 To all Friends of Unforgettable Claire 7 Memorial booklet for Claire.
210 In Memory of Claire 113 Not scanned. Written in 1961, immediately following the death of Claire, and originally numbered 196. There seems to be some obfuscation on Charles' part. When I originally requested this publication he sent me the preceeding series 210 (the memorial booklet). Other references to this publication indicate that it was out of print. In fact, I was only able to get a copy when I visited Charles' paper shop after his death. I found a large stack of this publication, filed in the correct place in the proper sequence. I am only speculating but it appears that having written it he decided it was too personal to distribute.

The document contains gripping and horrific details of being rounded up and shipped off to Dachau, then Buchenwald. It details how he was able to be released and then his struggles to get Claire out of Germany. Then follows Japannese internment, emigration to Australia and the struggle to get Semantography recognized, finally ending with Claire's death. While these events are talked about in many other publications, this one gives an almost day by day account of events.

One of the interesting perspectives is the attitude of Austrians after the anschluss. They were determined to prove themselves better than their German counterparts and so embarked on vigorous anti-semetic actions that even surprised their German rulers. This is quite a different story to the sanitized version we get when we see such Hollywood productions as 'The Sound of Music.'

One of Charles' problems was his difficulty hearing. The reason for this problem is explained in this publication. At one of the camps the guards decided that they wanted the prisoners to sing as they marched off to work. Charles found the singing too depressing and mouthed the words rather than sing them. This was noticed by one of the guards who then struck him in the back of the head with a rifle butt. From that day Charles' hearing was impaired.
211 Unforgettable Claire Not in this collection.
212 To Claire and to the Stars 2 Poem.
213 My Brother Henry: My Most Unforgettable Character 30 Written on the occasion of Henry's 60th birthday, April 21, 1962.
214 Part 1 Semantography and Jewish Philoanthropes, the Kadoorie Brothers and Others 1-25
214 Part 2 Semantography and Jewish Philoanthropes, the Kadoorie Brothers and Others 26-44
215 A Semantic Approach to the Jewish Question 13 Written while in the Hongkew Ghetto of Shanghai.
216 Ethics, Claire and Carl 22 Written in the years following Claire's death and finally typed in 1967. These documents were produced as a means of dealing with loss and of recognizing that his work would not be accepted.
217 Ethics and Science, Claire and Carl 22 This is the second manuscript of the preceeding (216) series.
218 The Invention and Discovery that will Revolutionize the 21st Century. 397 Not scanned. This publication appears to have been assembled 'backwards.' Also, it was intended to include a large number of photographs, which are not in the publication I possess. Consequently, the actual number of pages is probably ~200. Includes a number of pages describing basic symbol elements.
219 The Life Story of "One Writing for One World" 46 This deals specifically with the history of Semantography. This is obviously the text for a larger publication, with spaces and captions for photos (but photos are not included).
220 From the Cradle to the concentration Camp 12 Follows his early life, including World War 1, and his experieinces in Dachau and Buchenwald.

This ends the phase of extended autobiographical writings. The series reverts to a chronology of efforts to get Semantography recognized. Also it is the end of the large tutorial booklets (not counting books that were published). While there are Blissybol correspondence courses to come, there are no more extended publications in this series.

221 Life and Indian thought 4 Reprint from the book published in honour of the President of India Dr. Radhakrishnan.
222 A Judge and Jury for Better Education 3 Editorial written for Darshana International Journal
223 A Critique of Bliss' Symbols 22 Written by Dr. Douglas Everningham, with introduction by Charles Bliss.
224 A Single-Sheet Synopsis of World Writing 4 Compiled by Dr. Douglas Everingham
225 'A Symbol for Man' and 'A Sign that all may read'. Reprints of two short articles from Sydney newspapers Not in this collection.
226 One Logical Semantic Writing for one World 4 Article for a new journal on symbols.
227 An Article on Science and a Letter to the Science Writer of Life International 3
228 A Symbol for International Cooperation Year (ICY) of the United Nations and the Intrigues about it 31
229 Bliss and the Columbia Broadcssting System of America 5
230 Professor Oliver L. Reiser's chapters for 'One Writing for One World' 9
231 One Writing for One World 1 Title page for a book
232 Facilitating Communication 1 Letter to the United Nations General Assembly
233 Bliss' Letter to the United nations Association of Australia 2
234 United Nations Seeks a Glyph to Inspire Unity 2
235 Manuscript of the first Chapters on a Book on Symbols for International Cooperation Year of the United Nations 1965 Not in this collection.
236 Semantography (Blissymbolics) and Australian Humanists 6
237 An Approach to the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council of the International Committee for Breaking the Language Barrier 16 Many symbols. This series is in 4 parts, combined into one article.
238 Dust jacket for the 2nd edition of Semantography 6
239 A New Medium for Mankind 2 A pamphlet which is a sample page from 'The Invention and Discovery'.
240 A summary of the Author's Thoughts and Findings 12 Reprints from 'Semantography'.
241 Copyright Conditions 1
242 A summary of the Author's Thoughts and Findings 1 New Altered Copyright Conditions 1970
243 First four pages from the book 'Semantography' 1965 4
244 The Story of this Pioneering Work 4 The second four pages from the book 'Semantography' 1965.
245 Epilogue 4 Reprinted from the book 'Semantography' 1965.
246 The Story of 'One Writing for One World' 2 Sample Pages from 'The Invention and Discovery'.
247 The Safety Officer and Blissymbolics (Semantography) 21
248 Ethics in Animals? 1 An article for the Journal of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
249 Bliss and the 'Symbol Seekers' of Icograda 46
250 Is it Possible to Design Pictorial symbols which can be Understood at the First Glance? 6 Brief listing of some symbols.
251 Bookmark 2
252 Bliss is Interviewed at the Radio University of Syndey 2
253 A Proposal 4 For printing and publishing one or two booklets for children.
254 The Interpretation of the Arrow Symbol 4 Details about many symbols that include the arrow.
255 The Miracle of the Beehive 5 This publication is stamped as Semantography Series 225, but has 255 typed with the text.
256 Bliss and the United States Communication Satellite Corporation 3
257 The Safety Officer and the Unsafety Officer 3 Manuscript of an article for the Safety Journal.
258 Using a Computer to Teach English and Other Languages in an Utterly Novel Way 3 An approach to the university researchers and firms working on the educational use of computers in schools.
259 The Department of Anthropology of the National University of Australia and Semantography 2
260 Letter from EVCO 3
261 Bliss and the International Committee for Travel Signs and Symbols of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris 24
262 Bliss and the two International Air Transport Organizations IATA and CIAO Not in this collection.
263 An Englishman Revolts About the English Language 4 An article from the Sydney Morning Herald.
264 How Legends Come About by Lies 1 A letter by Charles Blilss printed in Life International.
265 Ann Mary Burchard's Lecture on Semantography before Californian Teachers in Long Beach 1955 3
266 Beware - Your Bluster is Showing 1 An article by Dr. Douglas Everingham about Bliss' semantics.
267 Blissymbolics on Television 21 Many symbol descriptions.
268 A Master Thesis on Traffic Communication by Symbols and how the Blissymbols are Mutilated 6
269 Approach to the Organisation for the Development of Universal Graphic Symbols Glyphs Inc. 4 Symbols in response to an Icograda competition.
270 Open Letter to Margaret Mead Not in this collection.
271 The American Hotel Assoiation and International Symbols for the Travellers 15
272 Helping Elizabeth S. Helfman with her Book 'Signs and Symbols Around the World' 30 Correspondence leading up to Helfman's chapter on Semantography.
273 Symbols for Mountaineers Not in this collection.
274 Owe Bruno Fahlke, Master of Semantography Not in this collection.
275 A Cover Story on Semantography 2 A reprint of the chapter Semantography from Elizabeth S. Helfman's book 'Sings and Symbols around the World' which cover story appeared in 'Scholastic Newstime', 'Scholastic Teacher' and other American educational magazines.
276 Rubbernecking Through Babel 11 An article in the American magazine 'Industrial Design'.
277 Leibnitz, A Science Historian and Semantography 19 An article about Leibnitz followed by an article about Semantography.
278 Back to the Tower of Babel 32 A picture book following the development of Semantography.
279 To the Scientists, Consultants, Writers and Editors of Life Magazine who have produced the new book in the Life Science Library 'The Cell' 2
280 Universal Pictorial Blissymbols for the International Traveller 8 Most of this pamphlet has been reproduced in 'The Book to the Film Mr. Symbol Man', starting on page 133.
281 New Approach to American Foundations 2 Pamphlet
282 Maureen Teaches Blissymbolics 2 How small children quickly grasp Blissymbols and their inherent logic.
283 'I Protest and I Accuse' 5 A protest paper for the Icograda Congress on Signs and Symbols
284 'J'accuse et je protest!' Not in this collection.
285 'Ich protestiere und ich klage ani' Not in this collection.
286 Meet the President of an American College of Education Not in this collection.
287 'Exposing Expo 67's Symbol Sickness 11 Letters to the organizers of the 1967 Exposition in Montreal and the 24 symbols shown in this exposition.
288 Bliss and the Pentagon 9 A correspondence on the use of symbols for NATO, SEATO and other organizations where military men of different countries and different languages have to co-operate with each other.
289 Charles Bliss and David Sarnoff, President of the Radio Corporation of America 6 Some interesting, and at times amusing, recollections of Charles' first employment after university. This was at the firm of Johann Kremenzky of Vienna.
290 An informative paper on Bliss' two books 'In Search of a Logical God' and 'Everyone's Simple Logic and Semantics' 12
291 Symbols by Alf Christensen of Norway 2
292 Australian Language Pioneer 13 Autobiographical
293 Safe, the symbol system by Professor Dr. Andre Eckhardt of Germany. Not in this collection.
294 Picto, the symbol system by Karel J.A. Janson of Holland. Not in this collection.
295 Panat, the symbol system by Bohdan Spolitakiewicz of Poland. Not in this collection.
296 Soichi Kato's article in the American magazine 'Print'. 3
297 Bliss' approach to the Organization of the Olympiad in Mexico 1968 Not in this collection.
298 Bliss' approach to the Organization of the Olympiad in Munich 1972. Not in this collection.
299 The story of the bankrupcy of Bliss' wholesaler and a rescue action by American Libraries. Not in this collection.
300 Report and reflections on the issues number 201 to 299. Not in this collection.