Semantography Series: 301 to 400

Series Number Title Pages Comments
301 To the Librarians 2
302 Mr. C.K. Bliss 13 Written by Mrs. B.A.C. Gibb
303 To all Officers of all Organisations, Associations, Corporations and Private Firms 2
304 A Tous les fonctionnaires de toutes les organisations, associations, corporations et compagnies prive 3
305 An alle beamte aller organisationen, vereinigungen, körperschafter une privaten firmen 2
306 Pictorial symbols? Can they be instantly understood without a little learning by putting the native word underneath? 2 Brochure about traffic signs.
307 Semantography: One Writing for One world 2 Brochure reprint.
308 Semantography: One Writing for One world 2 Reprint from the Australian Lithographer.
309 The Man who Wants One Million Dollars for Compiling a Symbol Dictionary - and can't Compile One 60
310 Various Magazine and Newspaper Articles which Deprecate Bliss' Work but Lauds The Man who Wants One Million Dollars for Compiling a Symbol Dictionary - and can't Compile One 9
311 Approach to President Kennedy's Peace Corps Not in this collection.
312 Blissymbols and the Australian Travel authorities Not in this collection.
313 The Invention and Discovery that will change our lives 2 Promotional pamphlet; cover of the book.
314 Ein radio gespraech 3
315 New letterhead 1
316 Is there a Substitute for God? 10
317 Letter to Golda Meir and the Members of the Knesset 1
318 A savage critique of Bliss' book 'The Invention and Discovery' Not in this collection.
319 Correspondence with an American maker of Hotel Signs Not in this collection.
320 Meet 'le Professeur' on symbols who can't design any Not in this collection.
321 Bliss and Lindgren' Spelling Reform 8
322 The Story of Bliss and 'Bliss' 27 Written by Professor Oliver Reiser, Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh
323 The Kindness Club 4 An article for a high school journal.
324 Letters to Life Magazine on Symbols Not in this collection.
325 Time and Life enthusiasm for 'The Pill and Bliss' action Not in this collection.
326 Report about the International Leibnitz Congress in Germany Not in this collection.
327 Leibnitz and the Futurists. Articles from Time Magazine Not in this collection.
328 A Letter to the Professor of Harvard Graduate School of Education Not in this collection.
329 'Time' Reports on 'The New Geneticists' and Bliss Reports on their Biological Blunders 6
330 Semantography and Sir Hudson Fish Pioneer of Australian Aviation 4
331 Semantography Broadcast over the Australian Radio 2
332 Three Articles Written by Mr. de Vere for an Insurance Company, which appeared in the Sydney Sun-Herald 2
333 The International Peace Research Association and Bliss Not in this collection.
334 The Bankruptcy of the Symbol Seekers Not in this collection.
335 Samples from the Journal of Symbology Not in this collection.
336 Himalayas and Buchenwald 1 Newspaper clipping written by Charles
337 Bliss and a Professor of Zoology 5
338 Ralph Nader and Charles Bliss on the strength not to be loved Not in this collection.
339 Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Chinese Ideographs, Esperanto and Safety Symbols for the Building Industry in Australia 20 Some safety symbols, starting page 8.
340 Photographs of Charles 3
341 A Recording 2 For the taped records library of the National Library of Australia
342 Dear Librarian 1 Promotional letter for Charles' book 'The Invention and Discovery that will Change our Lives'.
343 Blissemantics and the Mass Media 4
344 Letter to the Editors of Time Magazine 2 The Interaband, a symbol idiocy in Time Magazine
345 The U.S.A. Federal Trade Commission and Semantography Not in this collection
346 Semantography and the Xerox Organization
347 Semantography and the New Scientist and Science Journal 2
348 Bliss and the Truman Peace Research Centre of Jerusalem 8
349 The Symbol System of Karl F. Ross, U.S.A. 1
350 Psychological Aspects of International Violence 13
351 Humanism and the 'Discovery' that will change our Lives 18
352 Semantography and the Law Books Not in this collection
353 Charles Bliss and Arthur Koestler 4
354 A challenge to every Professor, every Scientist, and every Teacher, Lecturer, Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Student at all Universities 2
355 Bliss gegen Babel 1
356 Margaret Mead Proposes in all Seriousness that Mankind should learn the Armenian Language as the best International Language there is 8
357 Interview with C.K. Bliss from 'People on Radio' (1.11.67) 5
358 Teaching Semantography to High School Teachers in California Not in this collection
359 Farewell to the Semantically much Polutted Reader's Digest 4
360 How Foundations treat 'a modern Aristotle'. Not in this collection
361 Blissymbols for the Blind Children of the World 2 Explanation of some basic symbol elements
362 The Story of Keri 1
363 A Parisian Cartoonist Mr. Jean Effel Sketches Universal Language in Symbols 2
364 Submission on Blissymbols for Road Safety Not in this collection
365 Semantography for the IBM Selectric ball typewriter Not in this collection
366 Draft of a Hilarious Address 4 Given by Charles at the wedding feast for the son of his cousin.
367 New American Road Signs Not in this collection
368 New United Nations Road Signs Not in this collection
369 New Australian Road Signs Not in this collection
370 Bliss' lectures in Toronto Not in this collection
371 Symbols for Road Safety: An Approach to an Expert Group Not in this collection
372 Blissymbols for the Ontario Crippled Children's Centre 32 Describes Charles initial reaction to this use of his symbol system. Includes correspondence and many symbols.
373 to 380 Not in this collection
381 Semantography (Blissymbolics) for the Graphic Communication Teachers of the State of Victoria 12 Many symbol descriptions
382 to 400 Not in this collection