Semantography - English Dictionary: large circle

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include the large circle.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
large circle
sun sun sun, to; shine, to sunny suns SB 270
spring spring BPB 292
summer summer BPB 294
autumn autumn BPB 296
winter winter BPB 294
season season SB 548
telephone dial telephone dial SB 471
saw, circular saw, circular SB 465
millstone millstone Semantography Series 147
milling flour milling flour Semantography Series 147
bacilli bacillus bacilli BPB 460
electroscope electroscope SB 515
aluminum aluminum bacilli BPB 460
year year yearly BPB 280
old old Blissymbol Corrections pp 180
young young Blissymbol Corrections pp 180
new year new year Semantography Series 250
age age SB 407
year before (previous) year before (previous) Blissymbol corrections pp 154
coming year coming year Semantography Series 186 pp. 58
absorb absorb (atomic particles) SB 506
life life live, to BPB 442
killed, in the past dead, lifeless die, to lifeless SB 682
killed, in the past kill, to (using active indicator) SB 682
killed, in the past killed, to be (using passive indicator) SB 682
skeleton skeleton Blissymbol Corrections pp. 247
multiplied (life) multiplied (life) SB 733
blood blood SB 164
blood, alternate symbol blood, alternate symbol SB 592
menstruation menstruation Blissymbol Corrections pp 164
butter butter Blissymbol Corrections pp 54
cream cream Blissymbol Corrections pp 85
sour milk sour milk Discussion of Auxiliary Symbols pp 19
sour cream sour cream Discussion of Auxiliary Symbols pp 19
skim milk skim milk Discussion of Auxiliary Symbols pp 18
eternal life eternal life Blissymbol Corrections pp 107
living metaphorically living metaphorically SB 741
milk milk Bliss-Everingham Symbol Table
death death die, to mortal SB 411
killed, in the past killed, in the past (using past indicator) SB 417
killed, in the past mortal (using adjectival verb indicator) SB 411
killer killer (using active indicator) SB 411
poison poison SB 396
life of contentment life of contentment SB 682
clock Click here for time symbols. clock, time BPB 109
contentment contentment, satisfaction SB 411
day Click here for day symbols. day BPB 186
eject eject SB 506
planet earth planet earth BPB 112
north pole north pole SB 248
northern hemisphere northern hemisphere SB 248
west west SB 248
earth crust earth crust SB 248
earth centre earth centre SB 248
southern hemisphere southern hemisphere SB 248
south pole south pole SB 248
ring ring SB 317
chain chain SB 413
collar collar SB 392
life belt life belt SB 371
compass compass, for drawing circles SB 465
camera invention (machines) invent, to (machines) SB 455
camera camera SB 392
projector projector SB 397
film for camera film for camera SB 392
camera movie camera SB 397
camera light, electric SB 273
polarize polarize SB 521
polarization polarization SB 521
shadow shadow Discussion of Auxiliary Symbols pp 35
white white SB 386
machine Click here for machine symbols. machine, apparatus SB 357
eye: side view eye: side view SB 250
eye: cornea eye: cornea SB 250
eye: lens eye: lens SB 250
eye: retina eye: retina SB 250
eye: pupil eye: pupil SB 250
eye: iris eye: iris SB 250
disk disk, plate circle, to circular, round SB 279
phonograph record phonograph record Semantography Series 186 pp 66
ball, sphere ball, sphere make round, to spherical SB 279
compass compass SB 248
north north SB 248
east east SB 248
south south SB 248
compass, gyro compass, gyro SB 248
compass, magnetic compass, magnetic SB 248
circle circle SB 278
sphere sphere SB 278
face face, head SB 135
face face, head SB 531
cheek cheek Blissymbol Corrections pp. 6
chin chin SB 531
chin chin Blissymbol Corrections pp. 70
chin neck SB 531
beard beard Blissymbol Corrections pp. 39
shave shave Blissymbol Corrections pp. 239
head, profile head, profile SB 135
change the thing changing, alteration change, to changingly SB 411
changer changer, alterator, modulator,variator, mutator SB 411
evolution evolution evolve, to Semantography Series 125b
recession recession SB 411
development development develop, to SB 411
change chemical change SB 507
reaction, chemical reaction, chemical SB 507
reaction, reversible chemical reaction, reversible chemical SB 507
allotropy allotropy SB 513
weather weather SB 233
weather forecast weather forecast SB 371
weather forecast weather forecast Semantography Series 186 pp 57
cylinder cylinder SB 278
Chinese Chinese SB 367
hydrogen hydrogen SB 506
hydrogen hydrogen SB 506
hydrogen hydrogen SB 506
hydrogen molecule hydrogen molecule SB 506
water, molecule water, molecule SB 506
water, heavy water, heavy SB 506
helium helium SB 506
helium atom helium atom SB 505
helium atom helium atom SB 505
nitrogen nitrogen SB 505
oxygen oxygen SB 505
oxygen oxide oxidation SB 505
oxygen oxygen SB 506
oxygen isotope oxygen isotope SB 506
iron iron SB 505
tin tin SB 505
mercury mercury SB 505
radium radium SB 505
neptunium neptunium SB 505
uranium uranium SB 505
uranium 238 uranium 238 SB 506
uranium 239 uranium 239 SB 506
plutonium plutonium SB 505
light light SB 273
light, decrease light, decrease Discussion of Auxiliary Symbols pp 35
pale pale SB 387
light, electric light, electric SB 273
light, electric light, electric SB 128
light ray light ray Semantography Series 038
pink pink SB 286