Semantography - English Dictionary: Symbols including Numbers

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include tnumbers. I have used only the symbols from the Blissymbol Book as they are the most uniformly drawn and include the dotted lines.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
I, me I, me we SB 264
I, me (male) I, me (male) we SB 278
I, me (female) I, me (female) we SB 278
you, male you, male SB 284
you, female you, female SB 284
he he SB 284
she she SB 290
duo, males duo, males BPB 272
trio, males trio, males BPB 272
self self BPB 550
ear Click here for ear symbols.
selfish selfish BPB 550
responsibility responsibility responsible BPB 550
aerated water aerated water SB 322
wine wine BPB 322
beer beer BPB 322
tomato tomato BPB 556
tomatojuice tomato juice BPB 556
day February BPB 275
spring spring BPB 292
summer summer BPB 294
autumn autumn BPB 296
winter winter BPB 294
Sunday Sunday BPB 276
Monday Monday BPB 276
Tuesday Tuesday BPB 276
Wednesday Wednesday BPB 276
Thursday Thursday BPB 276
Friday Friday BPB 276
Saturday Saturday BPB 276